Feb 262011
honey comb - how much fresher can you get?

The honey was super fresh – right on the honeycomb at the Dead Sea in Jordan – delicious!

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Feb 252011
Jordan Dead Sea View-2


The Dead Sea turned out to be a great backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot, especially when the sun set with brilliant colors. 

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Feb 222011
Jordan Dead Sea view-12

On our drive down the Dead Sea highway the sunset went from kinda nice to great to spectacular. It kept getting better! Best of the trip so far… that’ll be tough competition for the rest of the trip to top. I liked this one enough to feature it as this travel blog’s header image. Love it!

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Feb 222011
Jordan Dead Sea view

We paused our road trip to note of the beautiful sunset over the Jordan side of the Dead Sea, which seemed to get better with each passing minute.

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Feb 202011

Wonder no longer!  I’ve been asked about it dozens of times already, so this is the story of how Jordan and Bahrain, two countries in the Middle East, made it into my southeast Asia itinerary. I might have the strangest itinerary and route of anyone I’ve met in my travels.

While I was enjoying Bali and Java, Indonesia, Fan was working on a business trip in Tel Aviv, Israel, and suggested we meet up. They’re not even remotely close, but just for fun I did a quick search, and was to surprised to find an incredible deal! For $181 USD rountrip I could fly from KL (Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia) to AMM (Amman, the capital of Jordan), with a layover in Bahrain via Gulf Air.  That’s about the same price as the short trip to the next country in the area that I was about to book before seeing this. It must have been an error in the system, or perhaps a generous promotion, but either way, after checking that Gulf Air was a reputable airline, I pounced!  Changing dates or revising the plan so I could route through Israel or Egypt would have made it cost prohibitive, but at this rate I could certainly swing it.  An hour later it was almost twice the price. Later that night the price had nearly quadrupled.

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Feb 192011
Dead Sea Mud Jordan

Does Dead Sea mud really work?  Is it as amazing as the crazy lady portrayed it?   Does it really have magical powers?  Regardless, it’s fun to be covered from head to toe in Dead Sea mud!

The Jordan tourism site says the Dead Sea has been an attraction since ancient times, and even Cleopatra used to visit.

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Feb 182011
Covered in Dead Sea Mud in Jordan

Dead Sea mud is rich with minerals that many believe to have therapeutic and even medicinal benefits. A woman at my hotel was obsessed with it, saying it’s a miracle skincare solution. I wish I could convey her overwhelming enthusiasm for…mud. “It’s amazing. Uh-May-Zing!”  Her Medusa hair swayed with each animated sentence. She went on to explain that it’s the raw materials for multiple Jordanian Dead Sea cosmetic product lines bottled and sold all around the world. If you believe the hype (and the crazy German lady!), it’s not just great for cleansing and stimulating the skin (apparently it worked wonders for her teenage daughter’s acne), but can also be used to improve blood circulation, relieve muscle and emotional tension, offer immortality, and ease rheumatic pain.  I’m not 100% sure I heard one of those accurately but she mentioned quite a few benefits in her interesting yet painfully slow never-ending list.  It reminded me of the scene(s) in Forrest Gump when Bubba’s listing the varieties of shrimp meals. “Shrimp Gumbo, Shrimp-n-Peas…”  [If you just got a sudden urge to see that Gump scene (I did!), here's the 0:43 clip from YouTube below]

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Feb 172011

It’s called the “Dead Sea” because the salt content isn’t exactly welcoming for underwater life – it’s one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water (33% saltine). Due to the hypersalination of the water, you can float!

Dead Sea - Jordan side - Look closely and you'll see I'm reading a Japanese newspaper!

In this photos from the Dead Sea on the Jordan side, I have both hands and feet out of the water as I float. I found a newspaper for the photo but it was just a prop. Look closely and you’ll see I’m reading a Japanese newspaper!

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